WIN Georgia

WIN Georgia, a program of Bridge Health, staff are dedicated, strengths-based, culturally aware individuals looking forward to assisting you and your family in achieving your goals, finding a new level of recovery, and engaging you in a unique and creative process to address your needs.  

Let us help you and your family become better connected and get back to enjoying life with each other.  

We provide: 

Intensive Customized Care Coordination (IC3) is a High-Fidelity Wraparound intervention. It is made up of a team selected by the family/caregiver in which the family and team identify the goals and strategies to reach the goals. IC3 assists individuals in identifying and gaining access to vital services and supports, as well as medical, social, educational, developmental, and other services and supports, regardless of the funding source for the services to which access is sought. Intensive Customized Care Coordination encourages using community resources through referral to appropriate traditional and non-traditional providers, paid, unpaid, and natural supports. In addition, we partner with family support organizations and help connect parents/guardians to Certified Peer Specialist Parents and Youth (CPS-P/ CPS-Y).

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