Individual Advocacy Committee

Be a voice. Create change. Make a difference.

The IAC is a team at Bridge Health that monitors and addresses:

  • Individual and combined outcomes
  • Complaints/grievances
  • Trends related to complaints and grievances by individuals served
  • Satisfaction survey results

Committee members develop individual rights-related policies and procedures as needed and complete annual reviews of existing policies.

Committee members include the agency IAC Representative, a Certified Peer Specialist, an Engagement Specialist, the Director of Marketing, and other staff whose responsibilities directly include advocacy on behalf of individuals served.

Individual Representatives are individuals who currently receive services from Lookout Mountain Community Services (LMCS) and who have a desire or passion to participate in improving the quality of care provided by LMCS. Individuals with leadership potential or experience are encouraged to volunteer.

Individual Representatives are expected to participate in all Individual Advocacy Committee meetings, either in-person, through conference calls, or through video conferencing. Meetings may last up to two (2) hours.